Take playtime to the next level.

Sweat, tears, and some creative phraseology.

After having children of my own, I find myself reading to them the very books, stories, and adventures that I loved as a child. Ones that travel the world through time and space, and allow them to make new discoveries along the way. Ones that I see played out again and again by them in our backyard and basement.

It is important that our kids are looking at each other in the eyes and interacting face to face, rather than sitting on a couch and virtually interacting with each other through a device. These times of creative play are holy moments in our lives, ones in which our kids get to be kids. We aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents are privileged to watch and listen to these little ones become the very heroes and legends that great stories are made of. And if we're lucky we adults get to join in the play, putting down our devices, being kids again ourselves, playing a part written by our children in their very own stories and adventures.

Being a kid-at-heart myself, I thought about the kind of toy I wished I had as a child. A toy that I could use to protect my mom from the fiery dragons. One that could conquer even the hardiest of shrubbery ogres and lead the charge through the tallest pile of leaves. One of quality that was both child-friendly and yet "realistic" in look and feel. A toy that would stand the test of time.

So I decided to re-write what a toy could be. I went back to the basic part of the best stories...a sword. But what was I going to make it out of that was going to be a little softer, more flexible, last longer, and look better than a wooden sword? Leather.

And so, I created these toys, and am coming up with new creations that will enable children to be a part of many great adventures.

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